Action Replay Codes

All codes on this site are for the Nintendo GameCube & DS Action Replay and Sony Playstation 2 Action Replay unless stated otherwise. They will not work for any other cheat code device or video game system. All codes listed on this site are homemade and exclusive to ARCentral and GSCentral. Permission should be obtained before posting them anywhere else on the internet. By viewing the codes listed on this site, you agree not to post them anywhere else without giving credit to it's creator(s). Action will be taken toward any infringments to this agreement.

Make sure the codes you use are for the right region of your game. All games from the United States, Canada & Japan are of the NTSC region. All games from England and Australia are of the PAL region. Some games may also contain several different versions of it. To find out what version you have, view our Game Version Guide.

NTSC GameCube Action Replay Codes

PAL GameCube Action Replay Codes

NTSC DS Action Replay & CodeBreaker Codes

PAL DS Action Replay & CodeBreaker Codes

Sony Playstation 2 Action Replay Codes

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